Saudi International Lab Expo next edition date updated

From November 07, 2022 until November 09, 2022
At King Abdullah Rd, King Abdullah Dt., Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia Categories: Science & Research, Medical & Pharma

Saudi International Medlab Expo -

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Recreate the magic of 2022 with the goal and desire to recreate the history, create & establish a new standard. 1st Arabia is looking forward to seeing you at the 2nd Saudi International Medlab Expo, November 2022.

Saudi Arabia, which is estimated to have spent more than USD 1.7 billion on medical/surgical gear in 2013, represents nearly half of all GCC medical/surgical equipment expenditure. Best Prospects: Equipment, radiologic equipment, diagnostics, rehabilitation, pathology/laboratory instruments, rehabilitation, pathology/laboratory equipment, Diagnostics. Primary healthcare interests include Oncology, Cardiology and Orthopedics.

The 2nd Saudi International Pharma Expo brings together international and local companies that specialize in the production and marketing of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia. Previous exhibitions have been successful in reaching most people who are interested in the pharmaceutical industry.

Participants have the unique opportunity to meet officials, businessmen, and investors from the health sector through the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health. They can also expand their work activities and make new agreements with the public and private sectors.


The SAUDI INTERNATIONAL MEDLAB EXPO brings together leading laboratory experts, scientists, researchers and clinicians to exchange, share their experiences and research results on all aspects of laboratory medicine and clinical research. Exhibiting at “ The SAUDI INTERNATIONAL Medlab EXPO “ provides an exceptional combination of networking and corporate branding opportunities that are the perfect opportunity to boost your company's profile. 
The SAUDI INTERNATIONAL Medlab EXPO is a unique platform in the Kingdom that has brought the Laboratory & Clinical Industry from all over the globe to showcase the latest invention & development in Laboratory Technology. It will bring together the leaders in the medical laboratory industry at an event designed to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where manufacturers, dealers, and distributors can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients.



The SAUDI INTERNATIONAL MEDLAB EXPO gives its participants the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends from all over the globe. 
Exhibiting at “ The Saudi International MEDLAB Expo” would secure your quantitative investment as an exhibitor which will enable you to:

  •    Highlighting your brand.
  •    Direct communication with suppliers.
  •    Identify the local and global market needs.
  •    Holding agreements with the participating parties.
  •    Explore new business and investment opportunities.
  •    Meeting businessmen and investors in the health sector.
  •    Promotion through the media and social media platforms.
  •    Learn about the latest technology and advanced technology.
  •    Communicate with government agencies and health authorities.
  •    Marketing and offering products and services to target customers.
  •    Exchange experiences and expertise with the participating parties.
  •    Communicate with the most important local and international companies.
  •    Presentation of the company's products in the best platform that is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of medicine.