PTC ASIA next edition date updated

From October 24, 2023 until October 27, 2023

PTC ASIA- Mechanical parts Exhibition| Hydraulic Exhibition|Transmission Exhibition - Power Transmission and Control


Trade magazine on material flow and material control.

We are proud of the PTC's success this year. The organizer adhered to strict guidelines for epidemic prevention and ensured people-to-people contacts. On the other hand, it provided all sorts of conveniences for exhibitors, providing them with every detail of disease prevention. It is the first PTC since the outbreak of the pandemic. This event is being welcomed by both domestic and international exhibitors. New themes, products and technologies were showcased in the motor gears exhibition hall. The next PTC is going to be even better, I think.

It is my 12th year at PTC ASIA. The highlight of this year was the presence of many high-ranking international peers. We can make more progress through this exchange. Every PTC brings us new discoveries. PTC's 30th anniversary is a great opportunity to wish it a success. I also hope that PTC can be an industrial feast and a platform for technological exchange, both vertically and horizontally, around the globe. I wish PTC success!

Argo-Hytos Fluid Power Systems (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.

PTC has been an integral part of our brand development and market expansion for many years. I am also impressed by the professionalism displayed by visitors. I look forward to learning more from them, understanding their needs and expanding our networks of cooperation and exchanges at PTC ASIA 2021. For its 30th anniversary, my wish is for PTC to be a global event that responds and taps into the potential of the domestic market with global vision.