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From November 08, 2023 until November 10, 2023
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ProWine Shanghai

PWC 2019 Visitor Pre-registration. ProWine Shanghai 2021-Epidemic Prevention Notification.

2018 11.13-11.15 Shanghai,China.

As the leading wine and spirits trade fair in Chinese mainland, ProWine Shanghai 2021 came to a successful conclusion on November 11, 2021. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is undoubtedly inspiring that ProWine Shanghai 2021, the industry trendsetter, took place as scheduled.

With strict safeguard procedures, the organizer's strict hygiene and safety rules, and the care and support from the industry, ProWine Shanghai 2021 attracted a total of more than 450 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions. Boutique wineries and premium wine producers from all over the world were present at the trade fair to get in contact with local importers, distributors and on trade customers.

ProWine Shanghai 2021, the largest wine and spirits trade fair on the Chinese mainland, concluded its successful run on November 11, 2021. It is no surprise that ProWine Shanghai 20,21, the industry trendetter, was held as planned, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.

ProWine China 2020 was a success. It concluded on November 12, 2020. Global wine and spirit production was made possible by the participation of over 400 wine producers and distributors representing 17 countries. ProWine China 2020 was attended by boutique wineries and top wine producers from around the globe.