Ponty Show next edition date updated

From November 08, 2024 until November 10, 2024

PontyShow | Magyarország legnagyobb horgászkiállítása

What PontyShow looked like in 2022...


The Hungary Carp Show was a great experience. It was great to meet other carp anglers who were interested in learning about carps and talking to them. This is a show I will visit again.

This exhibition is for me the Celebration of Carp Angling. I have been to many similar events in Europe, but the Hungarian Carp Show has always held a special place in my heart. It could be because I've been fishing on Hungarian water for over 20 years. I made many friends and it was always good to see them again. The expo is a great opportunity for us to showcase our entire product range. This year is going to be special, because we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary and have prepared many surprises. Come and visit us at the Zadravec stand.

I always enjoy visiting the Hungarian CarpShow. The Hungarian people are so supportive, they smile and even laugh when I tell jokes. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge of angling. See you in November.

CarpShow was one of the best carp shows I've ever attended. I am not just talking about the organizers and exhibitors, but also the Hungarian anglers. It's a pleasure to be able to meet with them! I've made many friends over the years thanks to the CarpShow, and I hope that tradition continues this year.

My job as a Nash employee allows me to attend many carp shows in Europe. One of those shows that I was looking forward to attending, the PontyShow held in Hungary. The shows are a reflection of the fact that carp fishing has been growing in Europe. From the moment I arrived at the Airport, to my hotel which was ready right next to show hall itself, the general organisation of the event was outstanding. There were many well-designed stands in the show hall, but it was spacious enough to move around without feeling crowded. The show was well attended on both days, and I gave a talk each day. Everyone seemed to be happy with the results. It's always good to gauge the success of a show by the atmosphere in the audience. Throughout the show, people were smiling and chatting to each other. Overall, a fantastic job was done!!! !.