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From October 10, 2024 until October 13, 2024
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London | The Other Art Fair | 12–15 October

MEET THE SELECTION COMMITTEE. Selection Committees Picks. Eclectic London Living. Why are these artists destroying their own work? When sourcing art, this designer is a celebrity favorite. But She's Only A Woman. Join our Artist Community. TELL YOUR OWN Story. Sign up for our Visitor Newsletter London.

We went in the opposite direction when the art world, as you know it, changed. The way you enjoy art shouldn't be confined by conventions or rules.

Art is here for everyone. We have created something new and want you to see it. We combine affordable original works by independent artists with immersive installation, performances, DJs, and a fully-stocked bar.

Why not be spontaneous, enjoy the excitement, and let your creativity flow? You are here.

We sometimes have to move backwards in order to progress. This group of artists exhibiting at The Other Art Fair London embraces this philosophy with passion. The artists view their works as architectural marvels. They meticulously construct their work, only to rip it apart, repurpose and rebuild something completely new. We can call it the "art of constructive deconstruction".

Nicole Gordon, renowned interior designer and creative force behind Nicole Gordon Studio, reveals her secrets for finding affordable art that works with your home.

Imagine frantically scribbling all the misogynistic remarks (and unwelcome advise) that you or your friends have received over the years from ex's colleagues, family members, teachers, and complete strangers. 'Are we shaved?'. 'You drive a lot like a guy.'. 'We've put on some weight, haven't you dear?'. We'll just say that there isn't enough ink to go around for all of this. There's plenty of rage.