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National Engineering Day

National Engineering Day. Save the date! National Engineering Day will return on Wednesday, 1st Nov 2023. Watch out for updates. National Engineering Day: Improving lives through engineering. Here is Engineering Day 2021. This is Engineering Day 2021. Engineering Day 2019 is here.

Since November 2018, the Academy has organized a National Awareness Day to increase public awareness about how engineers can make a positive impact on the world.

You'll be a good engineer if you're good in baking.

Rahul Mandal, a baking expert and engineer, says this.

Since 2010, eight engineers including Rahul have entered the tent of The Great British Bake Off. Why do engineers make good bakers, then? How can the skills that engineers use in the kitchen help them in their engineering job?

We asked these questions to Bake Off engineers Andrew Smyth, Giuseppe Dell'Anno and Rahul Mandal.

How did they do? You'll be amazed at the results.

The 2nd of November 2022 will be the National Engineering Day, with an emphasis on showing how engineering can improve lives.

We created a video with Great British Bake Off stars Andrew Smyth and Rahul Mandal to show how engineering and baking go hand in hand. We launched the #EngineeringCakes challenge on social media, which challenged the public to create a vegan chocolate cake with an engineering-inspired decoration.

News release: Three Bake Off stars team up to make an edible working clock in honor of National Engineering Day.