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Modefabriek next edition date updated
From January 23, 2022 09:30 until January 24, 2022 18:00
About Modefabriek We are Modefabriek. A procreative and inspiring fashion trade event, proudly based in Amsterdam. Modefabriek is a mash-up of brand presentations, expos, stores, talks, food & drinks, music – and more. We bring together more than 600 fantastic brands in Amsterdam, from a wide range of established global brands to young designers and new labels. Be part of it!   Product Categories: NORTH - Menswear trends, from business to (ath)leisure. CENTRAL - Premium womenswear, sophisticated, 'on the ball'. EAST - Next-generation coolness, fashion industry influencers. WEST - On-trend, upbeat, fast-moving fashion.