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MEDICA next edition date updated   MEDICA –Top in all medical areas The world of medicine meets at MEDICA . A must for anyone who wants to experience tomorrow’s healthcare market live.   Product Categories: Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology Laboratory Technology Diagnostic Tests Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology Commodities and Consumer Goods Information and Communication Technology Medical Services and Publications   This segment deals with the use of equipment for diagnostics, surgery and endoscopy, therapy and physical medicine, intensive care medicine / anaesthesia / respiration, rescue / emergency medicine, hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection as well as of imaging, implants / prostheses, surgical techniques and equipment for hospitals, surgeries and care areas. Product categories in the segment Electromedicine and Medical Technology: Diagnostics Imaging supplies Surgery devices, endoscopy devices Therapy and physical medicine Implants and prostheses Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration Emergency medicine, rescue equipment Operating technology and operating equipment Hospital equipment, care equipment Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection

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