International Secondary Battery Exhibition next edition date updated

From February 19, 2025 until February 21, 2025
At 東京都江東区有明3-12-13 Categories: Electric & Electronics

BATTERY JAPAN 二次電池展 - 展示会概要

What is BATTERY JAPAN? Carbon neutrality by 2050. Every day, the top 200 industry lectures are given! .

Batteries are the key to spreading renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.The exhibition is a showcase of all the technology, parts, materials and equipment needed for the research, development and manufacture of secondary batteries. It has established itself as a leading exhibition in the industry, attracting experts from around the globe.This exhibition is a great opportunity to accelerate the storage battery industry face-to-face. It brings together people from around the globe and provides them with information.

Other parts and materials include: electrode foils (tabs), connectors, battery exterior material, insulating tube, other parts, etc.

Liquid injection measuring device, charge/discharge test device, insulation tester, life tester, impedance measuring device, contract testing service, other inspection/testing/evaluation equipment, etc.

Research equipment, materials informatics services, CAE services, data analysis, consultant dispatch services, CAE services, contract analysis, research equipment etc.

Electrode manufacturing equipment: crusher, stirrer/mixer; coater/coating machines, dryer/dryer; roll press machine. slitter. cutting machine. punching machine. electrode assembly equipment. electrode plate winding. electrode lamination. dryer room/humidity regulater. electrolyte injector, sealing device. laser welding machine. battery assembly device. charging device.