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For a modern, contemporary home, you will want to focus on clean, crisp colors with brick and wood accents #homedecor….

Did you know that contemporary design and natural elements could go together this perfectly? ?Natural home decor ideas have always been stylish. Incorporating this timeless, chic and….

A living area designed with kids and pets in mind doesn’t have to be short on style.  Color Palette - Start with Neutral - white, black and wood color then layer on some fashion….

Admittedly, we have a complicated relationship with blank walls. Sometimes, a bare wall can feel refreshing, but more often than not, a blank wall can appear neglected.  Why not add a….

Minimalism isn’t just about the number of things you own.  Simplifying into a minimalist kitchen always start with removing the utensils and appliances you aren’t using and don’t need….

In this open-concept kitchen, all focus is on the marble, black and grey tone marble design adorns the kitchen’s large island with a waterful edge that pair perfectly with the vivid-glam….

Regardless of the size of your home, it’s difficult to include in the decor every little object that you might or might not need at some point. It is more practical and simpler to….