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Guangzhou International Auto Filter Technology & Products Exhibition next edition date updated
From March 03, 2022 09:30 until March 05, 2022 18:00
At No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China Categories: Auto & Automotive Tags: Auto Air Conditioning Industry
Guangzhou international automotive air conditioning and refrigeration technology exhibition is now a well-known domestic international trade platform, gathering industry forces together to explore new ideas, research new methods, to build a new pattern of ideas, actively promote the green, healthy and sustainable development of the automotive air conditioning industry. For 17 years, "BEST FAIR Auto Parts" has tried its BEST to build a high-quality exhibition and trade platform for the industry. By holding various BBS and technical exchange meetings and providing various forms of services, it has spared no effort to promote the development of the automotive air conditioning industry. New energy automobile air conditioning heat pump technology innovation BBS "to" new pattern of the new era of the new strategy - transformation driver, help the development of Chinese auto air conditioning industry high quality "as the theme, force industry to explore new ideas, research new methods and ideas, build new pattern hvac industry actively promote green, healthy and sustainable development.More than 300 air conditioning industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives gathered in guangzhou to jointly create a global wisdom ceremony for the automotive air conditioning heat pump industry. Guangzhou international automotive air conditioning and refrigeration technology exhibition will reach a scale of 20,000 square meters, continue to take the air conditioning exhibition as the core, supplemented by "radiator, automotive filter, vulnerable parts, electrical machinery and other characteristics of the exhibition area, to build an integrated industrial chain exhibition marketing service platform Product Categories Automotive air conditioning: complete vehicle air conditioning system, automotive air conditioning accessories, automotive air conditioning supplies, new energy vehicle air conditioning, etc.; Filter: oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, diesel filter, air conditioning filter, etc.; Filter accessories: oil and water separator, automotive filter seals, filter element, oil filter, filter, repeatedly clear tank, tank cover, etc.; Supporting products and materials: filter seat (die-cast aluminum), filter tank (steel plate stretch/injection parts), upper and lower end cover of filter element (iron/plastic), center pipe, filter paper, etc.; Processing equipment: folding machine, screen printing machine, clamping machine, glue injection machine, mesh cutting machine, joint breaking machine, oven, convex welding machine, spot welding machine, sealing machine, etc. Vulnerable parts of electrical appliances: battery, combination switch, safety device, bulb, wiper motor, wiper blade, wiper kettle, horn, air conditioning pipe, air conditioning pump, etc.; Automotive oil consumables: engine oil, transmission oil, automotive urea, brake oil, gear oil, antifreeze, glass water, ternary catalyst; (innovation exhibition area) other wearing parts: spark plug, timing belt, tire, brake pad, electrical connector, exhaust pipe, etc.;  

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