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Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition next edition date updated Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition concurrent shows include: Guangzhou International Auto Radiator & Equipment Exhibition Guangzhou International Automobile Motor Electric Control & Testing Equipment Exhibition Guangzhou International Automobile Air Purification System & Equipment Exhibition   Product categories:  1. Car air-conditioning products & accessories:  Compressors, condensers, evaporators, radiators, thermostats, fans, electronic fans, thermal expansion valves, air-conditioning pipelines, air-conditioning motors, air-conditioning bearings, refrigerants, etc. 2. Production equipment and materials for automotive air conditioners: Pipeline cutting, testing equipment, composite materials and other production materials. 3. Commercial vehicle air conditioning systems and accessories: Product accessories such as parking air conditioners and passenger car air conditioner compressors and electronic control systems. 4. Automotive thermal management system and accessories: Automotive engine cooling system, new energy vehicle cockpit, battery compartment thermal management system and accessories. 5. Frozen and refrigerated transportation equipment and materials: Refrigerated transport boxes, thermal insulation materials, car refrigerators, car refrigeration units and components. 6. Car cooling system: Radiator, inter-cooler, oil cooler, water tank, etc. 7. Vehicle motor electric control and vehicle testing equipment: Drive motors, electronic control systems, manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and ancillary products. 8. Car air purification system: Ozone car air purifiers, micro fans, air conditioning filters, in-car air purification products, car purifiers, PM2.5 detectors, formaldehyde detectors, negative ion detectors, TVOC detectors, etc.