Great Train Expo Novi next edition date updated

From February 18, 2023 until February 19, 2023
At 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48374, USA Categories: Logistics & Transportation


LATEST NEWS (6/30/2022). 2023 Schedule now published: The Summer, 4th and First Quarter 2022 and first quarter 2023 schedules are now available. In November, the 2023 Schedule for Great Midwest Train Shows (2023 Schedule) will be posted on this website. 2022 Train Show Schedule. 2023 Train Show Program.

Greenberg's Great Train & Toy ShowOaks. PAJuly 16-17. 2022 10AM-4PMGreater Philadelphia Expo Center.

2022-2023 Show Season: We are very excited to bring you the 2022-2023 Show schedule. It has been a very...interesting past couple of years that has brought many changes. We look forward to a return to a more normal show season. As the schedule grows and we continue to add more shows, we have realigned the staffing to better serve you. We have done this geographically creating a Midwest region and a National region. For shows in the Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas) Dillon Goble will be the regional manager. For the rest of the country, Bill Grove will be the regional manager. This should allow exhibitors to have the same point of contact for the majority of their shows. There are some that will cross over, but for most folks, this will mean you only have one person to have to contact. Dillon and Bill will be onsite managing shows, and Neal Carnaby will be managing shows onsite across both regions. Dave Swanson is the owner, and will be at a few of the shows.World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour update and changes: We are thrilled to announce the return of the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour in 2023. As we ease back into things, we will have two WGH events, Puyallup, WA in January and Cost Mesa, CA in February. The WGH events will be run in conjunction with existing Great Train Show Events. The Manufacture portion of the show will be placed at the front entrance, but will not be separate from the rest of the event. Space at the WGH events will now be offered in two ways:1) Manufactures and those who wish to have traditional WGH space will be able to order space, and will be located at the front of the hall. The WGH manufacture packet and pricing will be out by the end of July.2) For exhibitors who wish to sell at the show, and do not want to pay the traditional WGH pricing, can simply order standard Great Train Show space, and can use this form to do so.