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From November 20, 2024 until November 21, 2024

Graintech India Exhibition 2023

INDIA'S LARGEST GRAIN INDUSTRY INDUSTRY EVENT. Exhibitors' Opinions. Krishna Byre Gowda Minister of Agriculture(Government of Karnataka). Mehmet Erbay, Sales ManagerAlapala India Private Limited Ltd. B.S.Muralidhara, General Manager,Head of Grain Milling at Buhler India. Rohit Kanuga is a Manager Committee Member.All India Plastics Manufacturers Association

The Agriculture Ministry set a target for foodgrain production of 285.2 millions tonnes in 2018-19. This is a slight increase over the harvest of 284.8million tonnes from last year. The increase in food production over the past year is due to an increased harvest of rice. It went from 109.7 to 111.5 millions tonnes in 2017-18. Also, pulses had a record-breaking crop, increasing 5.9%.

According to the latest estimates, in 2017-18, farmers harvested 30.6 millions tonnes of oilseeds. This is a slight decrease from the 31.3million tonnes harvested the previous year.

The bumper harvest has lowered the prices of many commodities, including pulses. Foodgrain Basket includes rice, wheat and coarse cereals. The wheat production for 2017-18 was a record at 99.7 mt. Rice output was a staggering 112.91mt. Pulses were 25.23mt.Read More.

The previous estimate of wheat production for 2017-18 has been revised up by 1.06 mt, to a record-breaking 99.70 MT. The rice production for 2017-18 was revised upwards by 1.39 mt, to a new record of 112.91 mt. This is higher than the 109.70mt that was achieved in 2016-17. The production of coarse cereals was revised up by 2.12mt, to a record 46.99mt. This is higher than 43.77mt in 2016-17.