Girls Day Out Expo next edition date updated
From October 08, 2022 until October 08, 2022
At N Exposition Ave, Garden City, Idaho, 83714 Categories: Fashion & Beauty
Girl's Day Out Expo Menu Girl's Day Out Expo. Girl's Day Out Expo MenuExpo Idaho | 5610 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID 83714.Join us for this special day dedicated to women. Grab your daughters, moms, friends, and coworkers! Enjoy a festive, intimate shopping experience that allows you to shop, sip and browse for hours.Over 75 exhibits showcase beautiful handcrafted jewelry, sweet, savory, and home decor items, as well as beauty products, services, and apparel from some of the most respected local businesses in Treasure Valley. It will be a great way to beat winter blues while having your closest friends as your support. Relax and enjoy this free event, which celebrates womenhood and empowers women to make informed lifestyle decisions.We are proud that we offer FREE general admission !!!! All guests who pre-register will be eligible to win the Ultimate Gift Basket Giveaway.We are offering 100 VIP tickets for $25 each to guests who desire the ultimate experience. The VIP experience includes a customized gift bag, a free drink ticket, and entry to a special VIP door prize draw valued at more than $350. You can also skip the lines and start your day at 9:45 am! The event opens to the public at 10 a.m. PURCHASE YOUR VIP TICKET TODAY!Happy Hour Beauty & Boudoir, SparkMD, ASR, Revive, Premier Mortgage,Magic 97.9 and TDS Fiber are IBL Events.