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| FEDCON - Meet your Science Fiction Stars

FedCon is the event for all Science Fiction Fans. Penny Johnson Jerald.

FedCon 32 is a unique chance to meet your favourite sci-fi stars in the Maritim Hotel Bonn from May 10th until 12th 2024. Do not miss the four-day event that will include Starguests and Autographs as well as Photo Shoots. Workshops and Lectures. Cosplayers. Parties. Merchandise. Actions. Bring your communicator or lightsaber and beam into the wonderful world of FedCon.

28. Published by Robert Eiba on 28.02.2024. February 2024Lori Dungy (MC). "Talk about kicking off 2024 in a spectacular way. It's an incredible line-up of guests. [...] I'm so happy to be back in Bonn.

14. Published by Robert Eiba on 14. January 2024Penny JeraldPenny Jerald will be making a special guest appearance at FedCon32, much to many fans' delight. [...] is best known in the fandom.

13. Published by Robert Eiba on 13. Published by Robert Eiba at 13. Orville Fans, we have some exciting news! J. Lee will perform at FedCon [...] as Lt. John LaMarr, the star of the sci-fi epic series.

12. Published by Robert Eiba on 12. Scott Grimes The Orville crew will be getting some reinforcements for FedCon 32. Scott Grimes is known for his role of Lt Gordon Malloy. [...].

11. Published by Robert Eiba on 11. Jeffrey CombsJeffrey Combs is at FedCon 32, in Bonn. The American actor, who is versatile and talented, is best known for his roles in the Star Trek series. His [...].