Expolux next edition date updated

From August 06, 2024 until August 09, 2024
At Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme, São Paulo - SP, 02063-000, Brazil Categories: Home & Office, Electric & Electronics Tags: Lighting, Boilers


Take a look at everything that happened during the 17th Expolux!

Expolux celebrated its 18th Biennial Edition. The fair is the largest lighting event in Latin America.

Expolux will help you get all the benefits for your company by partnering with you.

Expolux is a market leader in lighting and has a significant impact on the sector.

Expolux is the main showcase for the Latin American lighting industry. Expolux allows you to meet professionals from over 25 countries and enjoy all of the other benefits the event offers.

A good lighting project is essential to create a well-lit environment that highlights the details and makes it feel harmonious.

This is what we will be discussing today.

Public lighting: Reverse logistics.

Lighting in neuroarchitecture: Know the importance.

Rua Jose Bernardo Pinto, 333.

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