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From November 06, 2024 until November 10, 2024
At Via Giuseppe Dossetti, 13, 40128 Bologna BO, Italy Categories: Agriculture & Forestry Tags: Garden Machinery, Gardening

EIMA International 2022 - Bologna (Italy) - International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition - Fair

VIRTUAL TOUR 2022 360°. Review all the services and interviews made by EIMA Web TV during the 45th EIMA International. Success for EIMA 2022. EIMA 2022 toward new records. DETAILED PAVILION MAP. SOCIAL WALL EXHIBITORS. 2022 Detailed Pavilion Map. Social Wall Exhibitors. 2022 statistics data. Fair: the Art of the Encounter.

The 45th edition closes with an extraordinary 327,100 visitors. This improves the...

The Bologna trade show centre hosted the exhibition of agricultural machinery. It attracted 185,000 people in total.

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A zone dedicated to safety and training that offers assistance and consultation for businesspeople, demonstrations and other activities.

Multifunctionality in Agriculture at the Centre of a Series of Initiatives Hosted in Various Internal and External Spaces of the Exhibition.

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