E-World Energy & Water Exhibition next edition date updated

From May 23, 2023 until May 25, 2023
At Norbert 2 45131 Essen Germany Categories: Environment & Waste, Power & Energy

E-world energy & water | Europe's leading energy trade fair

Be an exhibitor at E-world 2023. Do not miss out on anything. The Energy Industry's Leading Trade Fair. E-world 2022 received positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. E-world focuses on Europe's energy supply. NRW.Energy4Climate will host the first Futureskongress. Die powercloud Community auf der E-world 2022: Gemeinsam stark.

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E-world energy and water is where the European energy sector comes together. E-world serves as an information platform for energy sector. Each year, E-world gathers international decision makers in Essen. Over a fifth of the exhibitors are located abroad. Most international exhibitors are from the European Union.

The leading trade fair puts security of supply and energy transition under the spotlight.

The three-day trade fair will feature discussions and innovations.

NRW.Energy4Climate has the mission of supporting North Rhine-Westphalia's goal to become climate-neutral in as little time as possible. E-world, the state-based organization for energy and climate protection, will show you how to achieve this goal.

Powercloud's success is dependent on a comprehensive approach to cooperation: Start-ups, industry partners and global technology companies share their knowledge into \"coproducts\", which can be used to enhance the core functions of the platform via an application.

The leading trade fair for the energy industry

E-world energy & water is the industry meeting point for the European energy industry. As an information platform for the energy industry, E-world gathers international decision-makers in Essen every year. Almost one-fifth of the exhibiting companies are headquartered abroad. The majority of international exhibitors come from countries of the European Union


Be visible at the E-World

As the leading trade fair for the European energy industry, E-world energy & water is the ideal place to discover trends and initiate new business relationships. As an exhibitor, the diverse sponsorship opportunities serve as a perfect marketing tool for your target group to stand out and to make a name for yourself as an exhibitor at E-world.