Cosmo Tech Expo next edition date updated

From June 26, 2024 until June 27, 2024
At Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi Categories: Fashion & Beauty, Chemicals & Dyes Tags: Cosmetics


Cosmohome Tech Expo, now in its 9th edition, is designed to bring the best innovative solutions to beauty manufacturers right from concept to formulation and technology to product launch to make the manufacturing world advance.

Cosmohome Tech hosts 350+ exhibitors to showcase the latest ingredients, formulations, fragrances, packaging, machinery, labelling, contract manufacturing, and more.

You can find the names, contact information, and addresses of individual exhibitors after registering as an exhibitor.

The floor planning method is used to finance large-ticket items that are displayed in showrooms or lots. The short-term loan is provided by manufacturers, banks and specialty lenders to help retailers purchase products.

Exclusive hints and tips on new products, plus the most recent insight into trends that influence the global personal-care industry.

Our new line of premium cosmetics is designed to enhance natural beauty and nourish your skin while protecting it.

Most beauty and personal-care products contain fragrance.

Cosmopack, the world's leading salon for beauty products and services, is a global leader in the industry.

One that a retailer buys from a third party but sells it under their own brand.

Essential oils, raw materials, active principles, functional ingredients and services.

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