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Computex Taipei next edition date updated

From May 24, 2022 until May 27, 2022
At No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan Categories: IT & Technology


With the most complete manufacturing supply chain and IoT computing ecosystem, COMPUTEX TAIPEI is the world's leading technology B2B trade show held every June in Taipei, Taiwan. Over 1,600 exhibitors and 40,000 international professional visitors attend COMPUTEX TAIPEI every year. From key components to end products, consumer electronics to industrial solutions, ICT products to cross-field IoT solutions, COMPUTEX TAIPEI provides a one-stop procurement platform for global buyers. Numerous world-leading IT companies choose COMPUTEX TAIPEI as their most important product launch event in Asia.

In 2016, a new exhibit "InnoVEX" was organized as a part of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and attracted more than 200 startups and 10,000 attendees in the first year alone. It creates a platform specifically for tech startups to network with global buyers, investors, and manufacturers through the exhibition, forum, pitch, and matchmaking. InnoVEX accelerates the commercialization process, while also providing effective matchmaking for capital and manufacturing capabilities.


Development of a brief

COMPUTEX was designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan's growing computer (information) industry at the time. In the fourth session (1984), chairman shi Zhen Rong of the TAIPEI computer trade association decided to name the exhibition "COMPUTEX TAIPEI" to show the status of Taiwan's computer hardware industry.

In the early 1990s, Taiwan's information technology industry took off, the scale of Computex Taipei continued to improve, and when the exhibition hall of the foreign trade association of Songshan airport was reopened in the eighth and ninth years, it rose to the third place in the world and the first place in Asia.

Later, an international conference center in Taipei, Taipei world trade center, Taipei world trade of the three are enabled and scale expansion, and Las Vegas COMDEX show in 2001 ─ 2002 start going downhill, Computex Taipei world trade in 2003, the three into the pavilion, after CeBIT exhibition outside of the world's second-largest computer (in the exhibition area, booth number, number of exhibitors, visitors, and other indicators to calculate) today.

During the exhibition, major manufacturers of various countries will hold the publication of new products and technologies, which will attract the attention of journalists, computer technicians, and financial analysts of various countries. It is also an important indicator. Even vendors rent adjacent malls and restaurants outside the official exhibition area to promote their products.