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China(Guangzhou) International Kids Education Expo next edition date updated
From September 24, 2021 09:30 until September 26, 2021 18:00
      As a nationally known preschool education event As a nationally known preschool education event, "Chinese preschool education public BBS and the  south China international preschool education industry expo, after 10 years of development, now has become an annual of south China international preschool education exhibition in Guangzhou at home and abroad to south China, as well as the largest and one of the most popular fields of preschool education event, is preschool education at home and abroad to seek all-around, multi-level communication, learning and the cooperation of the bridge and the link. Running preschool education to the satisfaction of the people is a new mission entrusted to us by the new era. This exhibition will continue adhering to the "improve quality of preschool education wang, promote the scientific nurture ideas and methods, set up academic exchange and cooperation platform for industry" office concept, through the "theme BBS + workshops + + features course roadshow + the + + public welfare activities to learn" office will mode combination, preschool education field at home and abroad to build an academic communication, interactive discussion, advertising display, preschool education industry ecosystem project cooperation.   South China preschool education fair is an opportunity for learning and communication Organizing committee will from the nursery and kindergarten at home and abroad to join to the teaching material of teaching equipment, teaching AIDS, University of toys, special course, art education, and education, intelligence, preschool education supplies such as preschool education carefully invited to participate in the display of high-grade brand, whole industry chain for preschool education, south China preschool education fair is an opportunity for learning and communication, and understanding of China and international pre-school education new and characteristic mode of a platform. Here, we face to face communication, collision, explore the "preschool education" of infinite possibilities!.   Product Categories Integrated early childhood services Specialty courses Special children resource classroom configuration Brand building and franchise services The overall solution for outdoor activities Preschool education informatization Park management services The overall solution of science discovery room Preschool equipment and supplies Teacher training and output Quality education Parent-child activity planning and service Kindergarten design and decoration Safety and health care services Online education institutions and platforms Central kitchen and catering Integrated child development assessment system Teaching AIDS Teach the toy Indoor area activity overall solution Home community education integrated service platform

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