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China Cycle - China International Bicycle And Motor Fair next edition date updated

From May 05, 2021 until May 08, 2021
At 2345 Longyang Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201203 Categories: Auto & Automotive , Motorcycle & Bicycles Tags: Bicycle, Motorcycles

Why choose China Cycle?
BECAUSE we are number one in China

CHINA CYCLE gathers all the international and local market leaders from the industry, displays products — from components to manufacturing equipment, addresses all important target groups and thus creates the best communication and business environment for both sides.

BECAUSE we offer a high quality of service and international standard

Our 20 years of experience with CHINA CYCLE enable us to provide you with more than just an exhibition stand. Industry and marketing know-how that is difficult to emulate. We get support from both cycle and exhibition associations such as the China Bicycle Association, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association.


BECAUSE the audience we address is incomparable

Experts from universities and institutions, target customers, group buyers, and bicycle enthusiasts show us the market's needs. The latest research results display countless business opportunities. 89% of target customers contain retailers, importers, and wholesalers. Moreover, 90% of them have purchasing authorities


Why visit China Cycle

Visit CHINA CYCLE and gain a thorough knowledge of the two-wheel industry across the world, meeting all innovative products for your business, especially for the booming Asia market. 
With CHINA CYCLE, you could:

Learn new trends in the market and learn more about industry competition.
Attend concurrent events and find new possibilities lying ahead.
Meet key industry players and talk about new purchasing planning.


Profile of China Bicycle Association

Established in 1985, China Bicycle Association is the national organization of the Chinese bicycle sector. It is voluntarily formed by the manufacturing establishments, of various economic sectors and the diversified property rights, of the bicycles, motorized bicycles and spare parts and components, as well as the related producing establishments, scientific and research and educational units, regional associations, and commercial and trade establishments; and it is a non-profit-making social organization and a body corporate.
The Association has now nearly 500 members, which are the hard core of the Chinese bicycle sector. The annual output and the export quantity of the member units make up about 75% of the totals of the bicycle sector.
The aim of the Association is to pool the strength of the sector, to handle the affairs of the sector, to serve the sector, and to promote the development of the sector. It plays the role of a bridge and a link between its members and the governments; appeals for and transmits the reasonable wishes and requirements of the members to the departments concerned of the government; publicizes and carries out the government departments’ policies correlated with the sector.

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