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From March 10, 2024 until March 10, 2024

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Azerbaijan has a rapidly growing and developing market for studying abroad, with many opportunities. The country's economy requires highly qualified professionals with international experience, in fields such as business, technology, politics, social sciences, education, etc. More often, study abroad is seen as a high-status social marker for the family. More than 43 000 Azerbaijani students study abroad today.

Begin Group Education Fair in Baku offers a unique opportunity to meet the most motivated, ambitious and prospective students of the country. Direct contact with educational institution representatives is an important step in making a final decision to study abroad.

At the Begin Group Education Fair, you can find bachelor and masters programs, PhDs, language and summer courses, high school and foundation programs and private and board schools. You can also get professional certificates and MBAs, and prepare for international exams.

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