Aviation Expo next edition date updated

From September 17, 2022 until September 18, 2022
At Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce, Poland Categories: Entertainment & Media, Logistics & Transportation Tags: Aviation


AVIATION EXPO (17-18.09.2022). AVIATION EXPO – closer to the sky! Additional footer menu.

Targi Kielce is looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition which showcases light aviation portfolio. Products and services include small aircraft, paragliders and helicopters as well as gyroplanes and gliders. Open to all interested parties in Poland's aviation development, the event will also be open to them. The event will include traditional exhibition elements as well as a presentation of cutting-edge aviation technologies. There are many industry conferences.

This edition had 48 exhibitors and 55 aircraft on display. It was four times bigger than the one in 2020. The exhibition area was almost 3km2. Nearly a thousand people visited the expo center.

Kielce AVIATIN EXPO is not only an exhibition but also offers a competitive advantage through the knowledge-packed meetings that have become a part of the aviation professionals' calendars. The exhibition will bring together the top aviation professionals and light aviation elite in one location. Targi Kielce AVIATION EXPO 2020.

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