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From May 19, 2026 until May 21, 2026
At Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020, Antwerpen Categories: Engineering Sector

Advanced Manufacturing – The future of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies

14-15-16 May 2024 - Antwerp Expo. The future of manufacturing technology. Benelux Metals under one roof. EXPERIENCE THE BEST. Metal Night - evening Opening. Along with the event to promote innovative product development. Subscribe to Advanced Manufacturing's newsletter.

The Benelux premier welding event will feature the latest technologies and devices for welding professionals: welding equipment, welding robots and cobots, as well as virtual and augmented welding.

This brand-new trade show is a great opportunity for metalworking professionals to learn about the latest innovations in machining, sheetmetal, surface treatment and 3D printing ,....

Subcontracting brings together buyers and product developers with the top industrial suppliers for components and machining of metals, composites, and plastics.

You are invited to the 5th Welding Week!Antwerp Expo will bring together the metal industry of Belgium, the Netherlands and Belgium on 14, 15, and 16 May.

This edition of Welding week offers much more than the usual cutting and welding technologies. Metal will now also offer solutions to all of your metalworking requirements. Subcontracting is where you'll find industrial suppliers who are specialized in metal parts and machining.

The umbrella name for these three trade fairs is Advanced Manufacturing Belgium.

We are ready to show you all the latest technology: welding equipment, automation, robots/cobots and CNC machines.