Zurich - Kongresshaus, Switzerland

Venue Address: Claridenstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland
Official Website: https://www.kongresshaus.ch/
Zurich - Kongresshaus, Switzerland

Kongresshaus Zürich | Willkommen - Kongresshaus Zürich


The Kongresshaus Zurich is situated in Zurich's heart, the economic capital of Switzerland.

No matter if it's an economic or social event, our event calendar will let you know when we will be rolling out red carpets.


\"We had more than 1,000 people in the cinema hall for the first time.\".

«Our customer and the guests were full of praise - many thanks for the exceptional hospitality and professionalism.».

«Your amazing team outdid themselves and made sure that our customers felt completely at ease.».

Great location, amazing location, state of the-art technology, and competent support!

We regularly share stories that show you the behind-the scenes of our business - literally!

Our rooms are available for private events, ceremonies, entertainment, corporate events, and diplomas.

We offer a great infrastructure that will help you and your participants succeed, whether you are planning congresses of up to 4500 or workshops, seminars, or any other type of event.

We offer up to 3800m2 of exhibition space for your trade fair.

Kongresshaus Zurich AG.