Lugano - Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano, Switzerland

Venue Address: Piazza Indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Lugano - Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano - Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano, Switzerland

Palazzo dei Congressi | Lugano Convention & Exhibition

Congress Palace

The Palazzo dei Congressi consists of an amphitheater hall with fixed stage and 6 rooms with modular structures. It also has spacious atriums that provide large areas for exhibition.

The Palazzo dei Congressi is a multifunctional and attractive multimedia and technical equipment that offers a wide range of solutions and services. It ranks among the most innovative centers in the sector at European and Swiss levels.

The Palazzo dei Congressi's energy requirements are completely covered by sustainable products: Biogas Basis (5% biogas), and renewable electricity Tiacqua.

Built in 1975, the elegant Palazzo dei Congressi is situated on a historic site for entertainment and city exchanges. Piazza dell'Indipendenza, also known as Piazza Castello, is the original site of the Lugano cattle fair, which was established in 1513. It was also the location where acrobats, and later itinerant cinemas, took place. The square was bounded on one side by Villa Ciani, a park and farm used by the Ciani brothers as a riding school, and on the other by the Casermette which is the seat of the fire department. The Pro Lugano, with the support from the Municipality, decided in 1958 to demolish the riding schools and barracks in order to construct a central Palazzo dei Congressi. The Palazzo dei Congressi was opened in 1968 and finished in 1975. Since then, it has been host to international conferences, shows, and concerts.The building today is an integral part the urban fabric. It has contact with the financial, leisure, and hotel infrastructures and the Parco Ciani on the other hand, as well as the lakeside and other structures at Lugano Convention & Exhibition.