Libramont-Chevigny - Foire de Libramont, Belgium


Libramont-Chevigny - Foire de Libramont, Belgium
Address: Rue des Aubépines 50, 6800 Libramont-Chevigny, Belgium
Libramont-Chevigny - Foire de Libramont, Belgium

Libramont-Chevigny - Foire de Libramont, Belgium

La Foire de Libramont vous accueille du 29 juillet au 1er août 2022 de 9h à 18h30

A unique event.

The Libramont Fair was established in 2021 to bring together farmers, producers, and partners to share their knowledge and passion.

The largest European outdoor fair, Libramont Agricultural, Forestry and Food Fair, is located in Luxembourg.

Libramont is held every year on the weekend of July's last weekend.

Libramont is one of the most friendly professional meetings.

Libramont Fair's mission is to bring together all children of the Earth, raise questions and find and share sustainable solutions for agriculture, forestry, and the environment.

Exploration: Let's explore the world and discover all it has to offer.

Conviviality: Let's encourage exchanges by creating moments of conviviality.

Collaboration is key to a better world.

Agility: Let's be agile and flexible to adapt and evolve.

Libramont is a place for friendly exchanges, meetings, and a veritable living lab where you can touch and smell, taste, hear, and see the future.

A thousand flags fly from afar.

The Ardennes draft horses neigh.

You love the pure air of a country you often forget to visit.

A friend that you meet in your driveway.

The one thousand and one flavours are the result of the craftmen's knowledge of their terroir.

This community is proud to be part of it.

It's a unique place to meet with friends, colleagues, and family.