Marche-en-Famenne - Wallonie Expo S.A., Belgium

Venue Address: Rue des Deux Provinces 1, 6900 Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium
Official Website: http://www.wex.be/
Marche-en-Famenne - Wallonie Expo S.A., Belgium

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[ SHOW-NEW ON DISPLAY]Messmer Official will be back at the WEX stage Sunday, June 25, 2023.

Haa well here it is!

Marie Raskin Mélanie Collin Fanny Godefroid we can go back :).

Jesse Milicamp must go it’s awesome.

Cindy Barthelemy Aurelie Diederich Stephanie Simon.

Aurelien Rinchard Maxence Rinchard Charlotte Rinchard Emerence Rinchard Anne Jamart.

Lavenir.net describes the newspaper as \"a great achievement\".

There was lots of laughter at Olivier de Benoist’s show at The Wex a A Grave.

It was there that I saw it.

NRJ Belgium just revealed the lineup for the NRJ Music Tour. Which artist are you most looking forward to seeing at the WEX stage on June 5th?

Antoine CornetMarine Cornet.

Alex Sim, come on! You have a chance of seeing Keen'V again.

Aurore Stassin Nadège Lecomte Anne-catherine Massart cool 😎.

Too bad I can't make it this year.

Laura Petit, if we could only go back.

Adrien Elodie David Sternon is not too great at this time.

Marie-Catherine Dumont you just had to ask 😉 here she is!

Armelle Halleux nabs us places Laurène Halleux.