Suzhou - Huaqiao International Expo Center, China

Venue Address: 1598 Lvdi Ave, Kunshan Shi, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
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Suzhou - Huaqiao International Expo Center, China

Huaqiao International Expo Center is a functional project of Huaqiao International Business City key construction, take the exhibition, exhibition, exhibition will promote to the operating mode of development as a "Shanghai occasion lead, Suzhou, Kunshan industry collaborative function dislocation", is a multifunctional and comprehensive financial development, trade, business, office and five, the formation of exhibition hall, technology, advertising, business, property and service system, and strive to build a Shanghai (Hongqiao) National Convention Center in the western side center and East China influential exhibition industry gathering area.

The total area of 215 thousand square meters of Huaqiao International Expo Center, a total construction area of 124 thousand square meters, the actual available exhibition area of 100 thousand square meters. It is mainly composed of 7 10 thousand square meters exhibition hall and 30 thousand square meters of negotiation area, which can accommodate nearly 3500 international standard booths.

The pavilion has a conference area of 4300 square meters, including 1 multi-functional conference rooms which can accommodate 500 people and 9 small and medium conference rooms with different 10-200 people. Comprehensive service facilities with 5100 square meters can accommodate 800 people dining hall and business meals catering service function area and business center. There are 1700 parking spaces in the exhibition hall.

Huaqiao International Expo Center as Shanghai based on the portal of the Yangtze River Delta region an important international convention and Exhibition Center, with its unique geographical advantage and strategy of radiation modern exhibition facilities and functional advantages, strong will by Chinese Dongfeng exhibition industry development, has become a new force of service in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta and the domestic and foreign exhibition economy.