Zaragoza - Feria de Zaragoza, Spain

Venue Address: A-2, km 311, 50012 Zaragoza, Spain - (Show Map)
Zaragoza - Feria de Zaragoza, Spain
Zaragoza - Feria de Zaragoza, Spain

Feria de Zaragoza, una organización a tu servicio

Blockchain Expo

Next February, the Zaragoza Fair will give special attention to beer.

The Aragonese capital will play a special role in October as blockchain technology, cryptoeconomics and NFTs take over.

The International Renewable Energy Maintenance Fair, EXPOFIMER, the only one in the sector in Europe, organizes for this call a Public Request for Conferences and Abstracts, in order to have a more complete vision of the different...

At the end of October, the BDZ 2022 event, organized by BlockchainAragon and Feria de Zaragoza, will make Zaragoza and Spain the European epicenter of Decentralized Finance and Web 3, the Internet of the future.

The International Renewable Energy Maintenance Fair will be back on March 8-9, 2023. It is organized by the Association of Renewable Energy Maintenance Companies AEMER and Zaragoza Fair.

FIGAN 2023 is now focusing on the allocation of space. However, it is also working on a series of activities and actions that will create business opportunities and synergies both at the national as well as international levels.

Feria de Zaragoza is an experienced organizer of events, congresses, and fairs with a history of 81 years.