Seville - Fibes Conference and Exhibition, Spain

Venue Address: Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, Av. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1, 41020 Sevilla, Spain
Official Website: http://www.fibes.es/
Seville - Fibes Conference and Exhibition, Spain

Inicio - Fibes | Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla.

An innovation hub to rethink the future.

Fibes es el espacio de referencia para el desarrollo de grandes eventos economicos, culturales, sociales y profesionales.Generando crecimiento en Sevilla desde 1989, Fibes es hoy dia el think tank desde donde debatir, reflexionar e impulsar proyectos innovadores que construyen un futuro mas verde y mas inteligente.

Fibes has become a laboratory for innovative ideas, a space to reflect, analyze and build a greener and more digital future.

Seville, the emerging capital of Southern Europe, combines a fascinating history of thousands years of cultural miscegenation and a unique model for prosperity to which new generations aspire: A green, friendly city that is connected, intelligent, connected, and accessible.

Stay for Fibes and come for Seville.

All that happens in Fibes is in your mail.

Fibes is currently discussing future innovations.

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