Barcelona - International Barcelona Convention Center, Spain


Barcelona - International Barcelona Convention Center, Spain
Address: Passeig de Garcia Fària 99-103, 08019, Diag. Mar i el Front Mar. del Pob., Barcelona, Catalunya
Barcelona - International Barcelona Convention Center, Spain

Barcelona - International Barcelona Convention Center, Spain

About Us - Barcelona International Convention Centre

Barcelona International Convention Centre.

Although it was officially founded in 1932, but its roots date back to the great Exhibitions of 1888 and 299. Fira de Barcelona is one the most important European trade fair organizations in terms of volume and quality, venue standards, organisation experience, professionalism, and professionalism.

The two main venues are the Montjuic, an iconic venue, and the avant-garde Gran Via with a combined gross exhibition area of 400,000m2. It will also manage the Barcelona International Convention Centre, or CCIB as it is known in Spanish, starting November 2021.

It is a leader in Spain's professional and industrial trade fairs and is a well-known European location. It hosts over 150 events each year, which attract more than 30,000 companies from 200 countries and territories. It also organizes trade fairs in different countries and offers trade fair consulting services.

Fira de Barcelona also acts as an economic and social driver. A University of Barcelona study estimated that Fira de Barcelona's annual contribution to the economic activity of Barcelona and its surrounding areas is more than 4.7 billion Euros. It also provides more than 35,000 jobs.

The Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB), which was opened in 2004 to host the Universal Forum of Cultures, has been a prominent European venue for event organization.

The CCIB is located in Barcelona's new technology and business district, [email protected]