Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France

Venue Address: 7 Pl. Adrien Zeller, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France

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Strasbourg Events is a specialist in professional and public events and has been for over 40 years. We have extensive experience in every aspect of event management, from organization to service delivery.

You can use this tool to host conferences, webinars and meetings, general assemblies or training sessions, as well as events, debates, product launches and greetings... (live, replay, etc.).

It looks like Louisiana or Italy.

Harmony orchestra, founded in 1880 under the title brass band \"HARMONIE\", Bischheim.

« A warm and melodious voice with jazzy blues accents ».

Discover the European Fair in a brand new layout opposite the Palais.

Garou invites you to challenge your status quo in a totally redesigned adventure.

The Dire Straits Experience features the covers of the most popular Dire Straits songs with Chris.

Lara Fabian, The \"Best Of\" Tour.

An evening of unique discovery to discover the greatest John Williams masterpieces.

After twenty years of professional experience, Sellig has appeared on every Parisian and French stage.

Auto Moto Classic is the place to be for enthusiasts of car and motorcycles, collectors, and amateurs.

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