Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France


Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France
Address: 7 Pl. Adrien Zeller, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France

Strasbourg - Strasbourg Exhibition Centre, France

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Specialist in public and professional events for 40 years, Strasbourg Events has built up experience in all event professions through reception, organization and service delivery.

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Pop Legends presents an extraordinary concert that brings together, for the first and last time, the best of pop music.

Hubert Felix Thiefaine, two decades after his memorable solo tour returns to sc.

Haroun broke all the codes with his impeccable style, and his analysis on the flaws of our society.

Bernard Lavilliers will release the new album November 12, 2021.

10 years since Rock The Ballet, the French phenomenon that has taken the streets of France from triumph to tragedy, is still going strong.

Is it still necessary to mention the American punk godfather, the New York Underground?

It looks like Louisiana or Italy.

In a completely redesigned new adventure, Garou invites us to get out of our quo.

The Dire Straits Experience features the covers of the most popular Dire Straits songs with Chris.

Lara Fabian, The \"Best Of\" Tour.

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The love of pain is the main ecological problem. However, I allow this time for some great pain and suffering.