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Calgary - Calgary, Canada

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[edit]. Turmoil 1885-1886 and \"The Sandstone City\". [edit]. The 20th century[edit]. Stampede City[edit]. Oil and gas in the early days[edit]. The 1910s and 1940s were early years of politics[edit]. 1960s through 1970s[edit]. 1970s and 1980s: Economic boom and bust [edit]. Olympic legacy [edit]. From 1990 to the present[edit].

Calgary (/'[email protected]/ Listen) [email protected]@ee) can be found in Alberta, a western Canadian province.

Calgary is located at the confluence between the Bow River, the Elbow River, in the south province. It's about 80 km (50 miles) east of Rocky Mountain Foothills. It's approximately 299 km (163 mi) south Edmonton, and approximately 240km (150 mi) north the Canada-United States border. Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, a Statistics Canada-defined urban area in the south, is home to the city. [11]

Calgary's economy is a mix of activity in energy, finance, film and TV, transportation and logistics and technology. It also includes manufacturing, aviation, retail, health and well-being, and tourism. [12] Calgary is home to Canada’s second-highest concentration of corporate headquarters amongst the 800 largest companies in the country. [13] Calgary was home to the most millionaires per capita in Canada, with a total of 58. It was the first Canadian city that hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1988.

Calgary was named after Calgary, Scotland, United Kingdom. [15] The name is derived from a combination of kald (or gart), similar Old Norse words meaning \"cold\" or \"garden\", which was likely what the Vikings used to call the Inner Hebrides. [16] Another name that might be used is Gaelic Cala ghearraidh which could refer to \"beach of a meadow (pasture),\" or Gaelic for \"clear running waters\" or \"bay farms\". [15]