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Edmonton - Edmonton, Canada

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Edmonton (/[email protected]@n/ Listen) [email protected]@n is the capital of Alberta, Canada. Edmonton lies on the North Saskatchewan River. It is the center of Alberta's Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The city is located at the northern end of the \"Calgary–Edmonton Corridor\", as Statistics Canada calls it. [14]

Edmonton, Canada, had a population of 1,010 8,899 as a city and 1,418,118 as a metropolitan. This makes it Canada's fifth-largest municipality [15][16]and sixth-largest Metropolitan Area (CMA). [17][18] Edmonton, North America's most northern city and largest metropolitan area, has a population of more than one million. Edmontonians are a resident. [19]

Edmonton's history has been made possible by the acquisition of five nearby urban communities (Strathcona North Edmonton, Beverly, West Edmonton and Jasper Place),[20]. In addition to a series annexations through 1982[21], and the annexation (82.6 km2 (31.9 sq mi) from Leduc County on January 1, 2019, the annexation 8260 ha (82.6km2; 31.9 sq miles) of land, the City of Beaumont. [22] The city is known as the \"Gateway to the North\" and is the hub for large-scale oil sands operations in the Northwest Territories. [24]