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Madrid - Madrid, Spain

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Capital of the Liberal State[edit]. Second Republic and Civil War[edit]. Francoist dictatorship[edit]. Recent history[edit]. Local government and administration[edit]. Administrative subdivisions[edit]. Capital of the region[edit]. Capital of Spain[edit]. Enforcement of law[edit]. Forests and parks[edit]. Economic history[edit].

Madrid (/[email protected]’drId/[email protected] Spanish: [ma’drid]) is the capital and largest city in Spain. It is home to a population of almost 3.4 million [7], and approximately 6.7 millions in the metropolitan area. It is the second largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassing only Berlin in its administrative boundaries. The monocentric metropolitan area of the EU is second, with Paris only behind it. [8][9][10] It covers 604.3 km2 (233.3 square miles) of land area. [11]

Madrid is located in central Iberian Peninsula on the River Manzanares. It is the capital city of Spain and Madrid, which has been the capital of the country almost continuously since 1561. The city is located on an elevated plain, 300 km (190 miles) from the nearest seaside location. [14] The Iberian seasonal variations are huge with both hot summers (and cool winters). Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, from the People's Party, is the mayor.

Madrid is the European Union's second-largest urban agglomeration. Its influence on politics, education and entertainment, media, media, media, science, culture and the arts contributes to its position as one of the most important global cities. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the Iberian Peninsula's leading economic hub. [19][20] Major Spanish companies like Telefonica, Iberia and BBVA are located in the metropolitan area. It is home to the majority of the country's banking operations and the Spanish-speaking capital that generates the most webpages. [21]