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Weihai International Exhibition Centre

Address: 58 Haibin Middle Rd, Huancui Qu, Weihai Shi, Shandong Sheng, China, 264200

Located in the downtown area of ​​Weihai, Weihai International Exhibition Center is a landmark in Weihai. It faces the sea and faces Liugong Island across the sea. The south side is the Weihai International Conference Center and the north side is the Weihai Citizen Cultural Activity Center. The site will be built into a high-end urban cultural and trade zone integrating culture, exhibition, shopping, catering, office, residence, leisure, and entertainment, and become a beautiful landscape in Weihai.

    The overall planning of the exhibition center is an indoor exhibition hall, a central square and related supporting functional areas. The main venue of the exhibition hall adopts a column-free structure design with a total construction area of ​​55,800 square meters, a building height of 22.65 meters, and an indoor exhibition area of ​​26,600 square meters. With an area of ​​9,000 square meters, it can hold various exhibitions, exhibitions, indoor sports activities, and ceremonial performances.

    There are many star-rated hotels and different types of business hotels around the exhibition center, which can fully satisfy the needs of customers' accommodation and dining. Weihai's rich natural and cultural tourism resources also provide a good leisure and tourism environment for large-scale conferences and exhibitions. With the further improvement of the urban planning pattern, Weihai International Exhibition Center is bound to become a unique exhibition and tourism destination in the Binhai New City in the east, playing a more important role in the economic industry chain.

    Weihai International Exhibition Center not only has excellent hardware environment but also has excellent management team. Based on the existing experience of convention and exhibition operations, Weihai International Exhibition Company draws on the international operation mode and adheres to the requirements of the four major brands of “Brand Exhibition, Brand Service, Brand Pavilion, Brand Management” of the Group Company, and follows “To Weihai International Exhibition” The center has become the leading target of the regional convention and exhibition industry, and has made Weihai International Exhibition and Exhibition Company the leading target of the regional exhibition industry. It is committed to promoting Weihai's exhibition economy, promoting the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of Weihai City, and creating a sound economy. Benefits and social benefits.