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Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Los Angeles (US: /lo:s '[email protected]@s/ (listen) lawss [email protected]@s;[a] Spanish: Los Angeles [los 'aNGxeles], lit. The largest city in California is 'The Angels', often referred to as L.A. [15]. It is home to 3,898,747 people [10] and is second in size after New York City. Los Angeles is well-known for its Mediterranean climate and diversity of ethnicities, Hollywood's film industry, sprawling metropolis, and sprawling urban area.

Los Angeles is located in Southern California's basin. It is located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, which stretches through the Santa Monica Mountains into the San Fernando Valley. It covers approximately 469 square miles (1.210 km2). It is also the seat Los Angeles County. The county is home to just over 10,000,000 residents.

The Chumash and Tongva indigenous populations call the Los Angeles area home. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claimed the land in 1542 for Spain. Felipe de Neve, a Spanish governor, founded the city on September 4, 1781 on Yaanga. It was annexed to Mexico in 1821 after the Mexican War of Independence. Los Angeles and other parts of California were acquired in 1848 as part of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This made them part of the United States. Five months before California became a state, Los Angeles was established as a municipality. The city experienced rapid growth after the discovery of oil in 1890s. [17] In 1913, the Los Angeles Aqueduct was completed. This water delivery system brings water from Eastern California to the city.