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Jakarta - Jakarta, Indonesia

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Jakarta (/[email protected]’ka:[email protected]/, Indonesian pronunciation: (listen)), also known as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta), the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Jakarta, which is located on the northeast coast of Java, is the largest city of Southeast Asia. It also serves as the ASEAN's diplomatic capital. It is the heart of Indonesia's economy, culture and politics. The city has a provincial status and a population of 10,562,088 at the 2020[update]. While Jakarta covers only 664.01 km (256.38 sq miles), it has the smallest area among Indonesian provinces. However, the metropolitan area spans 9,957.08 km (3,844.45 sq mile) and includes satellite cities Bogor and Depok. It has an estimated population 35 million. In terms of human development index, Jakarta is the first-ranked Indonesian province. Jakarta's potential business opportunities and ability to offer a higher standard of living than other areas of the country have attracted many migrants from all over the Indonesian archipelago.

Jakarta is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Southeast Asia. The city was established in the fourth century by Sunda Kelapa and became an important trading port of the Sunda Kingdom. It was once the capital de facto of the Dutch East Indies. At that time it was Batavia. Jakarta was a city in West Java from 1960 until it was made a province. It is a province with five administrative cities and one administrative region. Jakarta is an alpha city in the world. It is also the seat of the ASEAN Secretariat. Financial institutions like the Bank of Indonesia and the Indonesia Stock Exchange are all located here. Many multinational corporations and Indonesian companies have their corporate headquarters in Jakarta. The city's GRP per capita was US$483.4 million in 2017.