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Munich - Munich, Germany

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Munich (/'mju?nIk/MEW-nik) is the capital of Bavaria and the most populous in Germany. It is home to 1,558,395 people, making it the third largest city in Germany after Hamburg and Berlin. [4] It is also the largest city that does not belong to its own state and the 11th-largest in the European Union. 6 million people live in the city's metropolitan area. [5] Munich, which lies north of Bavaria's Alps on the banks of the River Isar, is the capital of Upper Bavaria's Bavarian administrative area. It also has the highest density of residents in Germany (with 4,500 inhabitants per km2). Munich is second in the Bavarian dialect region, behind Vienna.

In 1158, the city was first mentioned. Catholic Munich was strong against the Reformation. It was a point of divergence in the Thirty Years War. However, it remained physically unaffected despite being occupied by the Protestant Swedes. Bavaria became a sovereign kingdom in 1806, and Munich was a major European center of culture, arts, and science. The German Revolution of 1918 saw the end of the rule of Wittelsbach, who had governed Bavaria from 1180. A short-lived socialist republic was established. Munich was home to many political parties, including the NSDAP, in the 1920s. Munich was made their \"Capital for the Movement\" after the Nazis rose to power. Although heavily bombed in World War II, most of the city's original features have been restored. The years of Wirtschaftswunder (or \"economic miracle\") saw a significant increase in the city's population and economic power after the 1949 end of the postwar American occupation. It hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics, and was also one of the hosts of the FIFA World Cups in 1974 and 2006.