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Regina, Saskatchewan. [edit]. Early history (1882-1945] Modern history (1945-present)[edit]. Bedroom communities[edit]. Parks and attractions[edit]. Visitor attractions[edit]. Secondary and primary schooling[edit]. University of Regina [edit]. Saskatchewan Polytechnic[edit]. RCMP Academy, Depot Division[edit].

Regina (/[email protected][email protected]/), is the capital of the Canadian province Saskatchewan. It is home to the largest population in Saskatchewan, second only to Saskatoon. Regina's population was 215,106 at the 2016 census. The population in Regina's Metropolitan Area was 236,481. [7] Statistics Canada estimates that the CMA's population is 263,184 by 2020. The Regina City Council governs it. The Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. surrounds the city. 159.

Regina was the former seat of government for the North-West Territories. The current provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the District of Assiniboia were originally part of this region. This site was previously known as Wascana (or Buffalo Bones in Cree) but it was changed to Regina (Latin word for Queen) in 1882 in honour and memory of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise, was the Marquess de Lorne, and made this decision. [9]

Contrary to other planned cities in Canada West, Regina's flat, treeless plain has no topographical features except for Wascana Creek, a small spring runoff. Early planners made the most of this opportunity and dammed the creek to create a lake to the south-east of the central business district. This dam was a block west of the later, more elaborate, 260 m (850 feet) long Albert Street Bridge[10]. across the lake. Regina was made the capital of the new province, Saskatchewan in 1906. The Wascana Centre was built around Wascana Lake's focal point and remains one of Regina’s most popular attractions. It houses the Provincial Legislative Building and both campuses of the University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada.