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Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address: 901 Tengda Rd, Luqiao Qu, Taizhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 318050

Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is a large-scale intelligent exhibition venue built according to the functions of contemporary international exhibitions. It integrates technology and art into a multi-functional comprehensive building integrating exhibition, conference, entertainment and catering. The center has complete supporting facilities, beautiful architecture, magnificent momentum and strong atmosphere. It is the window for Zhejiang Taizhou to open to the outside world and a milestone in the development of Taizhou's exhibition economy.

      The exhibition center has an investment of more than 450 million yuan, covers an area of ​​nearly 100 acres, and has a construction area of ​​86,000 square meters. It is divided into three functional areas: display area, conference area and service area. The exhibition area is located in the middle of the main building and is divided into two floors, which can accommodate more than 1,200 international standard booths. A total of 700 sets of exhibition equipment are equipped. Each floor is equipped with a large display, multimedia touch screen, magnetic card phone, limited TV interface, international long distance IDD Internet interface, water and electrical interface. A mezzanine is added to the exhibition area as an area for office and trade negotiations. The conference area is located in the north of the main building. There is one multi-purpose hall for 500 people, one press conference hall with simultaneous translation system, one medium-sized business conference room with 50 seats, and 14 small conference rooms with 30 seats. In addition to meeting the needs of seminars, conferences, technical seminars, etc., these conference rooms can also hold various large and medium-sized forums and celebrations. Located in the service area in the south of the main building, it has catering, shopping malls, entertainment and so on. The underground part of the building is a warehouse, parking plant and equipment room.

       The exhibition center has a compact structure and complete functions. It is equipped with building automation system, security system, public address system, cable TV system, digital program-controlled switch system, computer network system, multimedia touch screen system, public display system, digital conference system, exhibition application. 11 intelligent systems such as software systems and office automation systems.