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Rome - Rome, Italy
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Rome - Rome, Italy

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Rome, or Roma in Italian, is the capital city of Italy. It has a population 2.8 million Romans. Legend has it that the twins Romulus (or Remus) founded Rome in 753 BCE. The city lies on the banks the River Tiber and was built on seven hills: Palatine Hill (Aventine Hill), Capitoline Hill; Capitoline Hill; Caelian Hill; Esquiline Hill; Quirinal Hill; Viminal Hill. The area around Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill and Esquiline Hill would become the heart of power for the vast Roman Empire. The Colosseum, which is a ruins of the Forum Romanum, and many other excavations can be found here. This gives you an idea of how gladiators used to fight in this huge Roman amphitheatre. The Pantheon is a Roman church with its distinctive round-shaped, open roof. It is also one of the most well preserved buildings from Roman times. The Via Appia will take you back in time as it takes you along one of Rome's oldest roads. The city of Rome is essentially a museum. Therefore, it is not surprising that the entire historic center of Rome is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.