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Seoul - Seoul, Korea

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Seoul (/soUl/ is a Korean word meaning \"soul\"; Korean: seoul (shul) (listen); lit. Officially, the Seoul Special City is the capital[8] of South Korea and the largest metropolitan area. Seoul, home to 9.7 million people, is the center of the Seoul Capital Area. It also includes the Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi provincial. Seoul is a major global city, and was rated an Alpha-City by Globalization and World Cities Research Network. [10] Seoul was 4th in the world's largest metropolitan economies after New York City, Tokyo and Los Angeles. International visitors usually travel to Seoul via AREX at Incheon International Airport. This airport has been rated as the best for nine consecutive years by Airports Council International (2005-2013). Arcadis ranked Seoul as Asia's most livable place with the second-highest quality of life. The GDP per capita (PPP), in Seoul was around $40,000. The cost of living was 6th in the world in 2017. [11][12] Seoul's realty market ranked third in the world in 2020 for prices of apartments in the city center. [13] Seoul hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup official tournament, which was also co-hosted in Japan and South Korea.

The Seoul Capital Area hosts 15 Fortune Global 500 companies including Samsung, LG and Hyundai. The metropolis is ranked seventh in both the Global Power City Index (and Global Financial Centres Index) and is one of five top hosts of global conferences. Seoul hosted the 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Summer Olympics as well as the 2010 G20 Seoul summit.