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Jinan International Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: 1 Xin Yu Nan Lu, Lixia Qu, Jinan Shi, Shandong Sheng, China, 250100

Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the center of Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It has an excellent underground location and convenient transportation conditions. With majestic architecture, advanced facilities, and complete facilities, its scale, modernization, and specialization are among the top domestic exhibition venues in China. The pavilion has a construction area of ​​150,000 square meters and is divided into five zones: A, B, C, D and E. The B, C, D and E areas are exhibition and conference areas with a construction area of ​​110,000 square meters. There are nearly 3,000 international standard booths, 12 exhibition halls, 26 international conference halls and multi-function halls of different types and sizes. , meeting rooms, VIP rooms and e-commerce rooms. The outdoor science and culture cultural square covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and can be built with 1000 international standard booths. It has a music fountain system that can be used with various large-scale events. The parking lot can park 630 vehicles.
       The Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center has 25 large, medium and small meeting rooms of different types and styles of lecture halls, multi-purpose halls, VIP rooms, conference halls, banquet halls, and press release centers. The area is 4,200 square meters. Sound interpretation facilities and live video and audio broadcast systems. The exhibition center is equipped with security firefighting, automatic monitoring, public broadcasting, video conferencing, satellite transmission, telephone communication, computer network, building automation and other systems. All of them are intelligently managed by central database and system integration software. The functions are complete, service matching and equipment. advanced.