Melbourne - Melbourne Showgrounds, Australia


Melbourne - Melbourne Showgrounds, Australia
Address: Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032 Australia
Melbourne - Melbourne Showgrounds, Australia

Melbourne - Melbourne Showgrounds, Australia

Melbourne Showgrounds | Where events come alive

Melbourne's largest event space. indoor / outdoor event space. Melbourne Showgrounds is where events are alive! Find the ideal space for your event. How to organize an event. Melbourne Showgrounds makes events come to life. Melbourne Showgrounds' versatility, value, and importance have been displayed.

Melbourne Showgrounds is Melbourne’s largest and most versatile venue. It offers unique indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used for a wide range of activities, including exhibitions, trade shows, expos and festivals.

The Epsom Road entrance to the Melbourne Showgrounds is home to a 10,000 sqm indoor contemporary exhibition space and events area. Exhibition Pavilion has concrete floors, single/three-phase power, gas radiant heating and toilet facilities. It also offers excellent internet access.

The Exhibition Pavilion can be used for many events and exhibitions.

This pavilion is 3,000sqm in size and perfectly located to support events using Expo Hall or Exhibition Pavilion. Boulevard Pavilion is perfect for tradeshows, product displays, and exhibitions.

The Grand Pavilion is located in the heart of Melbourne Showgrounds. Grand Pavilion is 8,000sqm in size and almost twice the area of the MCG's playing surface. It features multiple access points, wireless Internet and single/three phase power, making it ideal for large-scale corporate events and tradeshows.

Town Square Pavilion, a two-storey, large steel frame structure measuring 2,000 sqm, has climate control, multiple access points, vehicular accessibility, concrete flooring, single/three phase electricity and toilet facilities. It is the ideal place for tradeshows, exhibitions, and displays.