Portland - Oregon Convention Center, OR, USA

Venue Address: 4400-4498 NE Beech St, Portland, Oregon, 97213
Official Website: https://www.oregoncc.org/en
Portland - Oregon Convention Center, OR, USA

Portland - Oregon Convention Center, OR, USA

Oregon Convention Center

ALL ARE WELCOME. We are open to new ideas. We are a center of motion. Why choose Oregon Convention Center? Forward Thinking. COVID-19 Testing Site. DrupalCon Portland 2022. Hope on the Horizon: Metro's progress on homelessness, housing and trash. Oregon Convention Center proudly supports All4Oregon’s milestone of 500,000 vaccines.

We are honored to be hosts for the world and we value our guests. We want everyone to feel safe sharing their ideas, passions, and hearts with us. Positive change can start anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. As you. Right now. Right now.

We are drawn to the light, music, food, inspiration, and togetherness. We are passionate about positive change and transformational experiences that open doors to endless possibilities. We are constantly amazed by the potential of each event and sometimes we find ourselves knee-deep in caffeine. The magic of pulling it off? It's totally worth it.

Last minute request? Done. Ideas for doing something better? Done. Done. Done. Done. The answer is YES. We can achieve it through determination, creativity, and teamwork.

Sustainability is a part of our DNA. It is who we are and what drives us to do the things we do. In all that we do, we are passionate about cultivating diversity and equity. People. Planet. Progress. It is how we strive for a better tomorrow.

We offer people a space to meet, celebrate, and invent. We know what we do here is important out there. We are motion. We are action. We are creative. Passionate about helping people and the planet. We are committed to positive change and endless possibilities. We are the Oregon Convention Center. We live our GO.