Phoenix - Phoenix Convention Center, AZ, USA

Venue Address: 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 USA
Phoenix - Phoenix Convention Center, AZ, USA

Phoenix Convention Center

Carbon from food waste is one of the main contributors to climate change. Catering
Aventura is a partner in the Waste Not Recycling program. This sends food leftovers to food banks.
banks. This reduces carbon emissions and ensures food gets to those who really need it.

Arizonans are the best at understanding the importance of water conservation. To ensure that PCC water use is sustainable
We have taken steps to reduce water consumption, including the installation of efficient irrigation systems.
Along with the use low-flow toilets or urinals.

We choose the best whenever possible
Sustainable option for our purchases
including 31 ,OOO KI Daylight chairs made
Recycled car battery casings
seatbelts. We are committed to using
Green cleaning solutions
More than 90% of cleaning supplies were purchased
They are durable.

The Phoenix Convention Center
comprehensive recycling program provides
Recycling containers are available throughout campus
To collect paper. plastic. cardboard.
glass. The program. This program can also be used
Recycled and biodegradable materials
Daily operations. More than 460 people were diverted
Last year, tons of waste were dumped in landfills.

Our catering partner takes great care to
PCC should not create as much reusable material as possible
Reduce waste wherever possible Every day,
We use reusable silverware and China.
Disposable cutlery and dishware up to 85% off
They are biodegradable.